• The Piramal Haveli served an exciting and eclectic mix of this famed local Rajasthani food with continental favourites. From a sinful and creamy penne pasta to low-fat organic lentil and vegetable preparations, the chefs at Piramal Haveli serve up something for every discerning palate.

    Grazia Magazine

  • Brilliant, loved it. Will be back soon. A perfect holiday. Full of little surprises. We were expecting top class Rajasthani cuisine and got it!! What delighted us was the unexpectedly good continental add-ons. The bean/olive salad was one of the best we have had!! We appreciate you all for taking good care of Copper, our pet.

    Rajesh Jadhav
    The Jadhav family
    Gurgaon, India

  • The most delicious food, courteous staff and lovely Haveli. I look forward to coming back.

    New York, USA

  • Nice and peaceful, very easy getaway from the humdrum of Delhi in less than 5 hours. Also, lovely homemade food especially Mangodi sabzi :)

    Nimisha & Mayank Shivam
    Gurgaon, India

  • We are very delighted to enjoy the exquisite cuisine, elegant life style, and excellent hospitality offered by the Neemrana Hotel at Bagar. We are tempted to taste the experience offered in other “non-hotel” Hotels around the country in the days to come. We thank the management of Neemrana Hotels for having offered us a slice of the royal lifestyle of ancient India.

    Niranjan Shastri, Ajay Bhatt
    Jaipur, India

  • Great experience. Even when we reached real late, your folks ensured that we were well-fed. The Rajasthani food was excellent. Thanks for everything – great hideout!

    Shreekant & Suneeta
    Gurgaon, India

  • We had a wonderful time! The food was delicious, the service was excellent, and we loved the rooms. Thanks for making our stay memorable!

    Kyle & Kelli Moles
    Boston, USA

  • What a wonderful place....we really enjoyed our stay. The food (dinner in particular) was a real highlight. Thank you!

    Seth Doanne
    New York, USA

  • We enjoyed very much all our stay (too short) and specifically the delicious meals we had.


  • The food was delicious, the service excellent and haveli beautiful. I would recommend this place to anyone. Thank you!

    Pooja Bhatia

  • Had a wonderful time. Great staff and service. Food was terrific. Glad we made the effort to ride this far.

    Henric Louise
    Whistler, Canada

  • Piramal Haveli is an oasis away from the city. It loved up to its promise of Neemrana hospitality. The team took excellent care of us. The food was amazing. We will recommend this venue to others.

    Meenakshi Dewan
    Delhi, India

  • We’ve been meaning to come to Bagar for over 6 years. The wait has been well worth it. To have the Haveli to ourselves, the feeling of ‘being home’ that cuts across all Neemrana properties with the added luxury of fantastic food and service. It’s been another memorable ‘non-hotel” holiday.

    Pankaj & Aneesha Wadhwa
    Delhi, India

  • We had a wonderful time. The food was delicious. Thank you for these fantastic days!

    Nicole Dorian

The various Neemrana properties, located all over India, offer fresh products purchased daily in that region. We prefer not to deep freeze our foods for long durations or for non-seasonal offering. Our local cuisines with a different palate experience are for gourmets who travel with their taste buds – and also enjoy eating with their eyes!

The Piramal Haveli serves the famed local vegetarian cuisine of the region. The legendary Marwari thalis get seasoned gourmets guessing about the exotic savours and spices in those little bowls! A few Continental and Indian dishes are added at random to suit a range of tastes and palates.

Should you desire to taste a special dish or have a particular preference, you can certainly make a request at the previous meal, and the chefs shall try and please you.